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What Is Conversational AI: Examples, Benefits, Use Cases

examples of conversational ai

Naturally, Microsoft wasn’t about to be left out of the AI-based conversational chatbot game; Microsoft Bing AI is the internet giant’s AI chatbot. Moreover, Bing AI not only leverages Microsoft’s search engine capabilities but also augments it, functioning separately as a examples of conversational ai chatbot. This way, users can still use Bing as a search engine and toggle on the chatbot function when needed. The trendy AI-based chatbot, whose name stands for “Chat-based Generative Pre-trained Transformer,” is a large, sophisticated AI language model created by OpenAI.

Plus, tools like virtual assistants can help agents perform their jobs better, as it leverages conversational AI to give relevant suggestions to the agents during real-time interactions with customers. Conversational AI (CAI) is a market-leading, conversational machine-learning chatbot solution. It can provide natural, automated chat across multiple platforms 24 hours a day; handling both sales and customer service enquiries – at a fraction of the usual contact centre costs.

Difference between Conversational AI and Chatbots

Will customers, employees or consumers be the primary users of your virtual agent? Whoever it is, it’s important to ensure your solution can cater to their unique needs and vocabulary. A virtual agent can help utility companies keep on top of demand by responding to repetitive enquiries and keeping customers informed at all hours. This provides customers with a fast and friendly way to get the information they need, without having to wait in a call queue, and frees contact centre agents to focus on the most complex enquiries at hand. For example, online retailers can use a virtual agent to proactively greet customers when they visit their website.

Under the new scheme, advertisers using Microsoft Advertising will show up in chats based on the same outcome-based metrics that serve ads to other Microsoft assets such as search and video games. Unlike ChatGPT, which has only been trained on information available up to 2021, Bard can access Google’s search engine and it has access to the entirety of the web in its current data. Google has faced pressure to respond to the runaway success of rival chatbot ChatGPT, which is funded through a partnership with Microsoft.

Chatbots serve as sales agents

It makes automation a breeze, especially for large enterprises that want to automate at scale. The Poly AI example shows the potential of the conversational layer helping hotels in unexpected ways. And, as AI continues to develop, it will become a mission-critical tool for hotels to optimize operations, personalize experiences and deepen relationships with guests. The rise of conversational AI search has the potential to disrupt some of the progress hotels have made optimizing their websites for direct traffic.

examples of conversational ai

How many people use conversational AI?

This year, 70% of white-collar workers will frequently use conversational applications. 78% of service companies use conversational AI bots for simple self-service tasks. Over 70% of companies use bots to assist customers and aid employees in quickly retrieving information and offering recommendations.


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